Meet the Team

Committed to Your Satisfaction!​

Since the starting of the company, Enchanted Outdoor Designs has developed and grown, mostly because of our exceptional team. We’re proud of our staff’s abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our continuing success.


CJ Dugas


Even as the Founder/Owner of Enchanted Outdoor Designs, CJ is still at every job site getting his hands dirty with the team. Not only because it is his business but because he still has the love and passion about his outdoor designs.

Amalia Dugas


Since our founding Amalia has been the Admin and Communications for Enchanted Outdoor Designs. With over 10+ years under her belt in the customer service field she has been a delighted addition to our team. While a job site is under construction, she will be passing along questions, messages, inquiries, concerns and emails from the client to the foreman and owner. Amalia always sends her clients to Enchanted Outdoor Designs because she knows we guarantee the best rates and results.

Marcus McGowan 


With us since our founding, Marcus McGowan is one of our proud veteran team members. We’re very thankful for our Roofer/Subcontractor for the many years of experience, skills, hard work and determination in helping our business grow and evolve.

Shane Kirkpatrick

Company Foreman

It didn’t take long for Shane Kirkpatrick to make a big impact as our company Foreman. Amazing Professionalism, ambitious, hard working, great creativity and is never without a smile. Shane Kirkpatrick is a true asset to the growing Enchanted Outdoor Designs team.

Dylan Fairman 

Company Foreman

Experienced, loyal, trustworthy, hard working and fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this valuable member of our team. Dylan Fairman is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day. 

Carlos Felix 

Senior Member

We are very happy and honored to have someone so ambitious, skillful and hard working as Carlos. The time and effort he puts into each and every job is completely astounding. No matter how difficult the job or task might be Carlos is always committed to deadlines and Going above and beyond the job description. 

Joel Dash

Senior Member

Joel Dash is one who makes the most of his time with Enchanted Outdoor Designs and who consistently produces good work. Our senior member is diligent in laboring, always putting 100% effort into his work and is motivated to getting the job done correctly.